Why Trust Telemedora for your sleep care?

Telemedora is a telemedicine company different than other available telemedicine companies available online. At Telemedora, you always see board certified sleep physician and you will be seen sooner than other companies and you will receive our best services at your every visit. Here are some of the differences listed below between the Telemedora and the competitors. 



Always see an experienced, US-trained and US Board Certified Sleep Physician at Telemedora.

Board certified physician at Telemedora.

In some practices, non-physicians like NP or PA see patients first.

Get Seen Within 3 Business Days of Referral

save time at Telemedora

Long Waiting Time.

Home Sleep Apnea Test: it is faster, convenient, and cost-effective

home Sleep Study

May need to spend a night in a sleep center with strange environment.

Price transparency

save money at Telemedora

Vague prices.

Importance Of Sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in our physical and mental well-being. Both good quality and adequate quantity of sleep are important for our health.  

During sleep, our brain remains at work and performs important tasks like reorganizing, recharging and removal of toxic waste products from brain which buildup throughout the day. 

So, everyone should make it a goal to incorporate quality and adequate sleep in our daily routine. The amount of sleep one should get on a daily basis depends upon the age group. 

Importance of sleep

Poor Sleep Leads To

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.