Management of Adult Sleep Disorders

Telesleep tele-sleep medicine specialists in the Management of Adult Sleep Disorders

Sleep Study Interpretation Service

  • Home sleep study interpretation.
  • In-lab diagnostic sleep study interpretation.
  • In-lab CPAP/BiPAP titration sleep interpretation.
  • Split-night sleep study interpretation.
  • Multiple sleep latency test interpretation.

Quality Improvement Program

If you are striving for better quality in your sleep program, Telemedora’s Quality Improvement Program can help you because it includes:

  • Staff education about quality metrics.
  • Review of quality performance data with staff.
  • The sharing of valuable insights with staff.
Quality improvement telemedicine program (telesleep, telepulmonology, and tele intensivist ICU) by Telemedora

Sleep Medical Director Service

Looking to grow your sleep services? Telemedora’s medical director service package will enable you to achieve  your goals because it includes: 

  • Oversight of sleep center/lab to allow you to meet accreditation standards. 
  • Staff education.
  • And much more.
Sleep Medical Director Service from telesleep (tele-sleep) specialist Telemedora

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