Although based in Silicon Valley, Telemedora is accepting new patients for virtual sleep evaluation from California, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana and Pennsylvania. Accepting Medicare and commercial insurance like Aetna, Blue Shield of California.

Get seen within days of referral. No more waiting for weeks or months to be seen by a sleep physician. 

Get seen by US-trained and US Board-Certified Sleep Physician within days.

Without ever leaving the comfort of your home, with the help of HIPPA compliant technology, get virtual sleep consultation and sleep testing done.

How it works?

Virtual doctor visit/Televisit
Number 2.

Get Seen virtually by sleep physician​

2. Get Seen by Virtual Sleep Physician

You will seen virtually by a US trained and US board-certified Sleep Physician using HIPPA compliant technology.
Sleep Analysis
Number 3.

Get Tested

3. Get Tested

Based on your sleep problems, your sleep doctor may order sleep testing for further evaluation. In most cases, sleep testing can be done in the comfort of home in most cases. Home Sleep Apnea testing kit will be shipped to your home with instructions on how to use it.  You will do the test in your own bedroom and next morning, data will be transferred to your sleep doctor to review. Your sleep doctor will review raw data and will interpret your sleep study.
Number 4.

Get Treated

4. Get Treated

You will have a virtual follow-up virtual visit within a week of getting sleep testing done. During this visit, the results of home sleep study and options for treatment will be discussed with you. Prescription will be sent. 


Transparent pricing for self-pay


$ $250
  • Initial Sleep Physician Consult 


$ $199
  • Home Sleep Apnea Testing 
  • Interpretation by a board-certified Sleep Physician 


$ $99
  • Each Follow-Up Visit 
  • For Established Patient Only

We accept Medicare. We accept commercial insurances like Aetna, Blue Shield of California

* We do not accept Medicaid.

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Why Trust Telemedora for your sleep care?



Always see an experienced, US-trained and US Board Certified Sleep Physician

Board certified physician at Telemedora.

In some practices, non-physicians like NP or PA see patients first.

Get Seen Within 3 Business Days of Referral

save time at Telemedora

Long Waiting Time.

Home Sleep Apnea Test: it is faster, convenient, and cost-effective

home Sleep Study

May need to spend a night in a sleep center with strange environment.

Price transparency

save money at Telemedora

Vague prices.

Importance Of Sleep​

Importance Of Sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in our physical and mental well-being. Both good quality and adequate quantity of sleep are important for our health.  

During sleep, our brain remains at work and performs important tasks like reorganizing, recharging and removal of toxic waste products from brain which buildup throughout the day. 


So, everyone should make it a goal to incorporate quality and adequate sleep in our daily routine. The amount of sleep one should get on a daily basis depends upon the age group. 

Importance of sleep

Poor Sleep Leads To

FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes. We accept Medicare and commercial insurances like Aetna, Blue Shield of California, Anthem, HealthNet, Humana etc . For other private insurances, call our office to get your free out of network quote, eligibility and insurance verification.

We don’t accept MediCal or Medicaid. 

Your co-pay will be due at the time of visit and claims will be submitted by us to your insurance after your visit.

For Medicare patients, your co-pay will be due at the time of visit and claims will be submitted by us to your insurance after your visit. 

Most insurances are covering telemedicine visits now. However, before scheduling your visit with us, it is your responsibility to call your insurance carrier and find out whether your telemedicine or virtual visit be reimbursed or not. 

After you have been seen, you will get a super-bill i.e., itemized bill and you can either send it to your insurance yourself for reimbursement. You can submit it to your insurance using an app for a minimal fee. Medicare patients can’t submit their superbill to insurance. 


  Yes, FSA (Flexible Spending Account), HSA (Health Savings Account) and HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangements) can be used to get reimbursed for Telehealth visits. 

LCFSA (Limited Purpose FSA) and DCFSA (Dependent Care FSA) are not Telehealth eligible. 


YES. Patient privacy is highly important for us. Telemedora uses Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) compliant technology which has strict safeguard including multiple layers of security to protect your electronic Protected Health Information (PHI). 

Credit card information is required in order to schedule your appointment. However, payment is due at the time of your telemedicine appointment.  



YES. Telemedora does not store or have access to your financial information. The credit/debit card information which is entered by you at the time of visit is encrypted and processed by our payment processing partner.

We understand things can come up. Having said that, please understand your doctor has also set aside time only for you. When you don’t cancel and appointment in a timely manner i.e., at least 2 days before your scheduled appointment, this may prevent another patient from utilizing that appointment slot. Conversely, if another patient fails to cancel an appointment in a timely manner, it may prevent you from getting an appointment due to a seemingly full schedule. that’s why we have TWO business days cancellation policy. If you don’t cancel an appointment at least TWO business days in advance, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $50. 

You will be charge a missed appointment fee of $50. 

Depending on sleep disorders and your state regulations, controlled substances like Lunesta, Ambien etc. can be prescribed only for 30-day period depending on your state. If additional scripts are needed, a follow-up visit will be required. We do not prescribe any opioids or narcotics. 


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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.